Bicycle x Classic Discreet Paradise

Yes the classics are in there for you in a pinch and these are a special hand edit. I don’t usually care to decipher the marks, I just shuffle and deal my desired game. Here are some of me peeling back these classics on a luxury hammock overlooking a large pond.

Aureo x Bicycle

A deck with history and a different background color.

Aureo is a bicycle x bicycle deck, but finally some redraw and recolor for the courts. The robes have suits and the color pallet is one that makes since to the back design. The back design color is unique. I have never before seen this sort of aquamarine color. Standard red blue and other pure colors are more typical of bicycle decks. With custom jokers and a history lesson this deck will catch eyes while being easy to handle and not be suspicious in magic tricks.

Starbucks Playing Cards

This is a colorful way to bring a deck of cards to the coffee table. Where House Blend was rich and dark brown, this deck is hot and cold like their drinks. The red background compliments the warmth and life within a fresh bread cup of coffee goodness, the blue is a pleasant cooling to e complimenting the iced and frappe beverages. Either way if your kicking it over at the coffee table this might be the perfect deck. All courts agree and have beverages as well. Cheers to a great cup and a great deck.

House Blend x Bicycle

This is a classic look deck with some recolor. If you enjoy coffee and have a pension for cardistry flourishes or vise versa this is the perfect deck by USPCC to display at your local coffee shop. Unless you wanna try starbucks deck, see part 2 of this. At a low price Wal-Greens run this deck for a quick fix to the usual run of the mill red blue or black bikes.

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