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Bicycle x Mosaique

A true kick back to the name. The patern consist of lots of small different colored dots in small geometric paterns.


Bicycle x Amplified

This is a house deck of USPCC playing cards. Designed and produced. This is going to be something of a cardistry deck I feel like unless you just want to add a colorful deck to game night. Overall great quality as it is in standard stock and air cushion finish. Nothin fancy just good handling. Here’s the cards picks.

Fans are lack luster both in whole deck and in part. There are no cigar bands carrying a line through. Also the oversized border breaks the color threshold. The one way design makes cardistry a little sketchy. No magic for sure.
Classic faces new recolor.
The best case for cardistry.

Most Expensive Cards

The first deck is the oldest deck, but one I would still call modern. Many decks that are old are rare due to their disposable nature. As such many older decks more than 50 years old go for a lot of money, even though they were generic.  The Jerry’s Nugget is one of the nearest to modern decks that is of great value. Almost everyone knows their story now. The decks were supposed to find their way into the actual casino, instead there were just a few in the gift shop, and the majority sat in a warehouse for many years. Just a few major buyers bought out the bulk stock. Now they are very rare and sought after.

The David Blaine signed Observers

   This is a deck that was handed out to VIP ticket holders at his show in 2017 mostly. The name and signature under the cellophane wrapper make this a huge hit and could only be acquired from these shows he did. So only certain people had access to this deck. This deck now fetches $300+ easily $400.

Gator Backs and Create Magic Microsoft

Dan and Dave Smoke and Mirrors v1 collectors box set

Dan and Dave Smoke and Mirrors is one of the leaders in custom cards. They cannoned the market with the very whimsical design. They have different colors and similar designs. They were a sort of hype nostalgia  coin and everything they made is limited edition run. The original box set was very rare, and the bigger box set was a little less rare  but still fetches almost $400.

THEORY 11: Monarchs (Gold, White Gold)

Theory 11 generally doesn’t produce cards that carry great value. For the most part they are super mass produced and not very well perked on the actual cards. This is one of a very few decks produced that is in limited quantity and has foiled backs. This makes it one of the very few very collectible decks worth some money. The Monarchs got their original fame from the movie Now You See Me. They had a few good colors. Then they made these. I love all cards foil adorned so this instantly makes my top 10 favorite decks. Later they released a second run with a fee more copies out and is a little less to get your hands on. However it is still very sought after. White and Gold Foil.


The worst cards ever, USPCC?!

This is by far the worst playing cards I have ever handled. They feel like my first gifted bricks “PlayingKards”. They were plastic coated out of china. These feel very similar. Also out of China. Sadly, I love horses and I would have loved a horse deck worth carrying. Until then, the best off brand is star bucks. Their quality is just better.

Aureo x Bicycle

A deck with history and a different background color.

Aureo is a bicycle x bicycle deck, but finally some redraw and recolor for the courts. The robes have suits and the color pallet is one that makes since to the back design. The back design color is unique. I have never before seen this sort of aquamarine color. Standard red blue and other pure colors are more typical of bicycle decks. With custom jokers and a history lesson this deck will catch eyes while being easy to handle and not be suspicious in magic tricks.

Starbucks Playing Cards

This is a colorful way to bring a deck of cards to the coffee table. Where House Blend was rich and dark brown, this deck is hot and cold like their drinks. The red background compliments the warmth and life within a fresh bread cup of coffee goodness, the blue is a pleasant cooling to e complimenting the iced and frappe beverages. Either way if your kicking it over at the coffee table this might be the perfect deck. All courts agree and have beverages as well. Cheers to a great cup and a great deck.